I'm temporarily unable to create any more dolls.
When I fill the the requests that I already have, I will take more orders.

All of the dolls, Ann or Andy, are 25" tall. They all have hand embroidered faces, and the heart on their bodies which says " I LOVE YOU ". Custom colours of hair, skin, and clothing are available. Usually dolls with wine coloured hair and traditional-style clothing are in stock.

Please send email wizardryshop@yahoo.ca requesting photos of the most current dolls. I take Paypal and will explain how it works

Each doll costs only $49.00 US. plus the actual postage anywhere in Canada or the U.S.. To avoid confusion, please email me for a quote on the shipping cost. For conversion to Canadian dollars, please EMAIL me or use one of the many online currency converters.

These dolls have been adopted. Please ask about who's waiting for you...
Three Anns

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